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"Saba and 7 Publishing did an outstanding job publishing my book Building Insanely Great Products for Amazon Kindle and Createspace. Timely, detailed and efficient. She did what she said she would do when she said she would do it. Highly recommended!' - David

"First, I would like to say that I observed Saba for about two years before hiring her to publish my two books. There was something special about her that really resonated with me. I reached out to her to inquire about what was needed to publish and of course to see if she could help and boy did she ever. I read all of the reviews and did my due diligence and she IS EXACTLY how others have described her. I’m a first timer (a virgin to publishing) so I was CLUELESS! Saba, was personable, professional, and PATIENT to a fault. She never made me feel ignorant nor did she get tired of answering my questions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to others (and I have) and I will most definitely be working with her again for future projects. Thank you Saba for your great work ethic, knowledge, and a JOB WELL DONE!!! I’m sooooooo happy with the outcome!!!!!' -  Angela W.

"Working with Saba and 7 House Media was an amazing experience. Saba is knowledgeable, encouraging and insightful. She and the whole team made the process of self-publishing a joyful, rewarding experience." - Valerry

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Saba and 7 House Media. I was so pleased with her professionalism, knowledge and the passion in her spirit that drove me to accomplish the task associated with finishing the writing, editing, proofing and publishing of my book. Thank you so much! You are amazing! God bless you and 7 House Media!!!" - Jeffery 

"Soooo, I must admit that when I was in search of a publisher I had to find someone special because I had special 1st time author needs�. I am a first time author and was really nervous about my book. I found Saba through a referral and I'm happy she was able to baby sit a new author lol. My emotions were all over the place because my book has sensitive material in it. Saba and her team was very attentive and understanding to my needs. I wanted to take the time to officially say thank you for everything!" - Nicole 

"Saba is a women with her soul on fire, when working with her you can't help but catch some of that passion. She is the perfect combination of heartfelt service and ambition. I look forward to continuing to witness the light she brings into this world." Ashely

Saba is a passionate, determined and beautiful young woman that has a rare ability to make a powerful and lasting impact in people's lives." - Matt Morris, 8 Time Best Selling Author, #1 Best Selling Author of "The Unemployed Millionaire

“It brings me to tears to think of how much Saba’s wisdom and passed down knowledge to me, has helped me. I am forever grateful. Though I could never repay her in any amount of money for how she has helped me I realize what I have gained is PRICELESS. I couldn’t put a cost on her. I continually pray for Saba, for her growth, financial prosperity, mental indulgence, faith and anything that her heart desires.” - Erica J. Clark, Seattle, WA

“There are some people that walk this Earth, with a passion for their purpose.  Saba’s passion is helping people heal their emotional hurts.  She speaks from experience.  She helps with heart. She shares her gift with the world.” J.D. Meier, Best Selling Author

“Resourceful, worldly, and simply a great person to know, and follow on any social media platform.” -Sean Gardner, Ranked the #1 Social Media Power Influencer by Forbes, Huffington Post Blogger

“Since speaking with Saba, I have a clearer vision of where my life should be. Although, I still have a long way to go, I can definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel. I sought a life coach because I just was lost in myself. I was a mother and a wife and that was it. I needed to know me. I knew it was there inside somewhere, I just needed to be pushed in the right direction, as Saba said the more clearer things look the more I am moving closer to My Path that was laid out for me.Thank you for you insight Saba! You were truly what I needed at the right time.”- Elecia Brown-Lewis, Houston, TX

“Saba is a cross between Dr.Phil and Deepak Chopra”  -David A., British Columbia, Canada 

“Two words can describe Saba: passionate and dedicated” –Bruce O., Houston, TX

 “I just read your blog and tweets. I am quite fascinated by your amazing self-help hints/tips. It is satisfying to see an Ethiopian on the path to greatness, as you are. Cheers.” -David A., British Columbia, Canada 

 ”I highly recommend Saba for being a great life coach. She’s knowledgeable in aspects of life that most people take for granted. Talking to her brought optimism and confidence in me that I couldn’t have sought on my own. She was an excellent resource and directed me to leads which helped me substantially in achieving my goals.” – Ahmad S., Seattle, WA

“Dear Saba- Eagle, Light, Sage, Brilliant One- continue shinning and continue changing lives” -Debrena Jackson Gandy, National Best Selling Author of “All The Joy You Can Stand”


"20 Beautiful Women" and "20 Beautiful Men" Testimonials


"I wanted to share a quick note to say Thank You! I'm overwhelmed by the response I'm receiving with my book and I haven't started promoting it yet other than word of mouth. For those who are aware of it, they have expressed so much love and support and how inspired they are by the story. I'm filled with love and gratitude that by speaking my truth it is giving others the courage to do the same.

Being a co-author with you and "20 Beautiful Women" is about much more than a book. It is about healing humanity one person at a time.

Thank you again for your level of professionalism and honoring your commitment to us as authors. You have been impeccable with your words and your commitments to us.

It's a beautiful story in itself that two women who once felt so alone in the world are now surrounded by loving women (and men) from all walks of life. I am honored and grateful my friend. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors Saba. You are clearly walking your higher path." -Deborah 

“When I was ready to share my personal story of healing and transformation through a divorce, I found an ally and friend in the publisher of 20 Beautiful Women, Saba Tekle. She not only became a vessel for my story, she also published my Amazon bestselling book, Messages From Shakti. She did this with record speed, stood by me patiently while I made numerous changes and treated me with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Most if all she believed in my message.

I wanted to Messages From Shakti, as a teaching platform to spread the wisdom of Shakti. Saba gave me so many opportunities for promotion, speaking, community building, co-hosting events and partnering with her on joint ventures. She is more than a publisher. She is a friend, a confidant, a sister and she passionately moves women with a mission and message forward towards their dreams. I am excited to collaborate and support Saba and 20 Beautiful Women and I highly recommend her if you are self-publishing. “ – Zinnia

“Thank you Saba! It's like Christmas when I open your emails!  :-)  I appreciate you.” - Tamiko

"Thanks so much for having me Saba. It was such a wonderful event and amazing project to be a part of.  You know how to pick the most amazing women. I feel SO grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you!  I'm so honored to know you and to experience working with you.  Hope to see you again soon!  Thank you again! "-  <3 Love, Marnina

“What an incredible weekend of sisterhood! The 20 Beautiful Women Book Launch was a huge success and I am proud to be one of the MANY involved in this movement of female empowerment! Thank you all for your endearing presence, cheerful smiles, and encouraging words of wisdom. I learned so much from each of you! Cheers to Divine Women!” – Virgina

“Saba!!!  I am still reveling in the magic of this past (20 Beautiful Women) weekend.  My heart is still overjoyed by the amount of love and beauty that transpired this weekend.  Thank you for listening and holding my hands (literally).  Thank you for offering space." - Anju

“You’ve seriously made my dreams come true. You are too kind, you don’t have to do that!!! I’m so humbled to be in your presence and view you as a Mentor. I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always wanted to publish a book…and my dream (of all time) has been to be a Huffington Post Blogger and I’d like to have my own blog on there one day. You’ve just made so many of my childhood dreams come true, I didn’t know any of this would happen…now... at age 26. I know I still have so much to learn and am just a Rookie!!! You don’t have to do that (but ill send you an email in 2 weeks) and I appreciate all that you do and glad that the world brought us together through 20BW. I loved every minute of the VIP Weekend, I gained so much wisdom in just a short amount of time. You are doing great things in this world and I am just so honored to be part of your journey. Thank You for everything from the bottom of my heart, “ -Angela

“It was great to finally meet you as well and thank you for putting together such a nice event for us! I really appreciate the opportunity to share my story through this awesome movement.  I pray that it blesses many and I pray that the 20beautifulwomen movement continues to thrive, flourish, and touch the lives of many!!” – Kay 

“You are so wonderful! I loved meeting you face to face and am thrilled to be part of a movement of compassionate women!” – Victoria Madison


"Sundu and I were absolutely thrilled to have been with you all in LA this past weekend, and we had such a fabulous time with everyone. This trip is one that will certainly stand out in our memories for years to come. For me personally, it was confirmation that once again my intuition had led me in exactly the right direction for my life, which was to you, to 20 Beautiful Women and then to LA as well. We had a number of plans coming to LA, thinking we would go to various places, but from the time we met everyone on Friday evening and spent time with friends till gone midnight, those plans went out of the window as there was a genuine interest in getting to know everyone and spend quality time in conversations, laughter and learning. So I owe soooooo many 'thankus' to you and we will forever be supporters of you and the movement.  Already looking forward to the event next year to physically connect again! I feel like pushing the envelope that little bit farther and putting some of my other thoughts and ideas into paper and eventually into print, so will hopefully work again with you soon. “ -With much love, Divya xx

“Thank you so much Saba! I'm so grateful and happy to be published and it's all because of you :)” – Stephanie 

“Thank you so very much! This email just made my day - I really needed this, especially today after visiting with my Mom, who is in the stages of transitioning from this world. I can't wait to mention this to her tomorrow when I see her. <3” – Joy

"Working on my first major book publication, I had several questions about what the process entailed. Saba was a gracious mentor, her quick response to emails, detailed explanations, and guidance made working with her pleasant and served as a learning curve. Contributing to 20 Beautiful Women Africa Edition enhanced my work as a writer by providing a platform to interact with pioneers in the field and allowed me to reflect on the future of my career in the writing field. I look forward to future projects with the strong foundation offered by this platform" - Tatenda Kanengoni

"I have definitely enjoyed the process of writing and being a part of a project that is so meaningful to me, my family and everybody who loves me. Saba, from the moment I showed interest I knew I was going to learn and grow; I remember the pressure I felt when I realised that I had very little time to submit the paragraph that would qualify me to take part in this very Beautiful journey. I appreciate you. I just don't know how to fully express my gratitude...This is one of the biggest highlights in my life; a career changing experience! Thank you" - Portia Keletliwe

Thank you again Ms. Saba Tekle for the opportunity to let our stories impact men across the globe and allowing me to be apart of this journey. I'm thrilled to have Mr. Thabiti Boone on board and his contribution in believing in you Saba and the stories of each man in this book. Let's continue to grow.  - - Sincerely, Hayward Miller Jr

"Saba Tekle is a master storyteller." - Aaron Keith Hawkins

I'm also glad to be apart of the beautiful men movement, led by our incredible leader Saba. The book has been apart of my daily reading, used in my speeches, shared with my network all over the Country. Let's continue making a difference! - Thabiti Boone

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