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Saba Tekle of 7 House Media, LLC is proud to present: Self-Publishing 101  Power Course designed for...

  • Individuals Interested in Self-Publishing a Self Help or Spiritual Book 

  • Those Who Want to Save Thousands of Dollars, keep 100% Control of their Book, Profits & Rank on the Amazon's Best-Sellers List 

  • Life Coaches, Speakers, Bloggers, and Mentors

  • Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healers, and Wellness Specialists

  • And Anyone Eager to also Become A Publisher to Help Others


As a graduate of this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills required to effectively publish a book for yourself and anyone who seeks your help.

This course allows professional providers, life coaches, and speakers an opportunity to affordably and professionally self-publish a book and become a best-selling author. 

Location: Internet

Dates: You may start at any time. Course beings August 30th.

Pace: Shortest Completion time is One Week - 6 Weeks.

Cost: $29/month* cancel anytime (Normally $797)

Registration Deadline: August 30, 2019 

Cancellation Policy: Full refund available within 2 Days.

Minimum Age Requirement: 18.

Instructor: Saba Tekle, Publisher, Mentor, Healer, Award-Winning Best-Selling Author & Former Huffington Post Contributor 






Hello Friend,


Have you decided to self-publish your book? Then you've come to the right place. 

I am Saba Tekle. 


I am a publisher, mentor, award-winning best-selling author and former Huff Post Contributor. For over 4 years I have helped close to 200 writers worldwide become published best-selling authors, over 10 authors to become publishers and have generated over a quarter million in my business (not all "take-home" money).

But I started out as a poet who went to "Kinko's" to self-publish my 1st book. 


Then I became a life coach who needed to build my credibility and brand. I had no formal education (I barely graduated high school), no accomplishments or accolades just a sincere desire to help people. So I paid to be published in a best-selling co-authored book series.


Shortly after to continue building my brand, I learned how to self-publish so I could release my 1st individual book project professionally. At that time I had spent over $5,000.00 in publishing and to learn about the publishing industry so I wasn't going to invest anymore. But in exchange, I invested so much time.


You are either investing time or money, remember that. 


I didn't know what I was signing up for.


After navigating through the mass amount of info online and finally successfully publishing my book that ranked #1 on the best-sellers list, I knew I had a lot of value to offer and did not want to hold anything back. That was when 7 Publishing (Now 7 House Media, LLC) was born, and our slogan did just that, "We simplified self-publishing".

I went from a struggling life coach with 3 years of less-to-no business to a profiting publisher to now over 4 years of business. 

Now my mission is to mentor you with the knowledge of how you can become a publisher quickly.

Learning to self-publish is empowering as you can not only protect your creative content, you can also save money as well as make money by assisting others. 

My ultimate goal is to empower you! So keep reading to learn the following:​ How to self-publish and where to hire help at a budget. 



"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." - Alice Walker

Alright, let start with the power that you have right now: You have access to the power of the internet that has  all the knowledge you will need that is necessary for you to make an educated decision on how to or who to hire for publishing.


Here you will have all the "short cut" guidance you need to sort through the massive amount of info to help self-publish your book quickly, professionally and affordably.


When you self-publish you keep the power and profits in your hands.

Now, let's begin.


Most newbies to publishing are not aware that there are 2 ways to publish: Traditional or Self-Publishing (use a company or manually do it themselves). 

Most newbies assume they are entitled to get paid to write because, in a traditional setting, the author gets paid an advance. But an advance is most similar to what an artist would get once they are signed to a major label. What makes it similar is that both are "signing bonuses" that is a "loan" to be paid back in sales. 

Some authors in a traditional setting do not even get to touch their royalties, which is a small percentage of sales once the advance is paid, because they don't reach the projected goal.


Some authors don't even get another opportunity to publish to a book if they don't make back their advance + more. Oh, let me add that traditionally published authors could earn as low as $.13 per book sale, crazy right?

In a nutshell:

Traditional publishing pays you an advance which is a "loan" against your potential projected book sales and authors can earn less than $1.00 per book but not until the advance is paid back. 

Self-Publishing means self-funding which allows you to complete creative control and the freedom to keep %100 of your book profits. Self-published authors can earn over $10 per book. 

Self-Publishing 101 Power TIP:

Self-publishing is a powerful tool if your goal is keeping %100 of your royalties.

Well here is more on the alternative: self-publishing, which simply means self-funding. You fund the project, so you get to keep creative control and get to keep %100 of the profits depending on if you, yourself, publish it or if you choose the right company to assist you with self-publishing. Don't worry, I will teach you how you can do it yourself, just keep reading. 

There are self-publishing companies "posing' as traditional publishing companies and keeping profits. Companies like myself, do not and there are many others online, you just have to do your research.


But the only true benefit of traditional is distribution, (aside from a team ready to do the interior and exterior design of your book) they have the access to get your book into all of the physical book stores. If a self-publishing company cannot offer you that, do not sign over your royalty rights. You are better off doing it yourself or finding a better fit for your needs. 


Some self-publishing companies pose as is if they are a traditional publishing company but do not offer the same benefits such as national distribution. But whether you are self-published or not you are still %100 responsible for marketing.


Also you can still get your books in book stores, it is just a more manual process. 

Self-Publishing 101 Power TIP:​

Do your due diligence when choosing a company to work with. Don't sign away your royalties without a proper exchange. 

Great, now you know the basics of publishing and we have set a foundation to which we can build. Let's get into the good stuff!


How To Self-Publish

In 3 simple steps, I am going to teach you how to self-publish your book. 


First, you start with creating your cover.

You can do that by going to For less than $20.00 you can have a cover created by someone skilled using that site. 

Once you create your cover you can go to and begin pre-selling the book while you prep it for release. 

Next, you format both versions of the book.


There are two ways you have to format it for digital and print release.

For the eBook, you can hire someone at or you can go to and use their software to do it yourself.


Once that is complete, next you want to begin formatting it for print.


You can find templates and details on formatting here:


Go to that link then download the "ready to go" templates with sample content and choose the correct size for your book. 

Lastly, once you have the page number after formatting, you would take that to and have someone create the full layout of your cover.


You then take the full layout to and begin the publishing process. 

They will guide through to ordering your 1st proof and once you review it and approve then you publish! Amazon will distribute it to every major online platform at a click of a button. 

That is it! 


I know that was simple, right?

Well, your maybe excited, or overwhelmed, or maybe you have questions, well that is where my Self-Publishing Power Course 101 & 102 comes in. 

I am going to work with you step-by-step through pre-recorded video, so you can work at your own pace, to get you the publishing results your soul desires!

In my course you will receive:

Self-Publishing Power 101 & 102

+ My Signature Best-Seller Program

Inside you will learn:

✓ How To Create a Cover ($1000 Value)

✓ Who EXACTLY To Hire To Create A Cover For You ($1000 Value)

✓ How To Format Your Book For Digital & Print ($3000 Value)

✓ Who EXACTLY Hire To Format Your Book For Digital & Print ($1000 Value)

✓ How To Publish it on Amazon ($1000 Value)


How To Get Your Book in Bookstores 

How to Make it An Amazon Best-Seller ($1500 Value)

Self-Publishing Power 101:

Module 1: Create A "Best-Selling" Cover 

Module 2: How To Format For Amazon Kindle

Module 3: How To Format For Amazon Print 

Module 4: How To Prep For Release

Module 5: How To Release A Book Online

Each module includes how to produce industry standards quality book at a fraction of cost.

BONUS: Best-Seller Program 

How To Rank On Amazon Best-Sellers List



You can enroll now...

For ONLY $29/month* 

LIMITED TIME OFFER * cancel anytime! Click Enroll now.

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