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Why Co-author?

1. According to writer Joseph Epstein, “81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write it.” That’s approximately 200 million people who aspire to authorship – excluding those who want and never do and those who do but never publish. That still leaves millions of people who are hungry for the literary limelight. (

Also, let’s say you want to traditionally publish an entire book written solely by you. The fact that a given market might receive 100 to more than 1,000 unsolicited manuscripts a month yields the odds that 2 in 1000 of those manuscripts will actually get accepted for publishing.

Only about 2 percent of authors are traditionally published. And to be traditionally published, you need a platform. You can build that platform now with 20 Beautiful Women, 20 Beautiful Men or Release.

2. Self-publishing is on the rise:

Self-publishing simply means you’re funding your own book. But whether you are traditionally published or self-published, you’re ultimately responsible for marketing your own book. With 20 Beautiful Women, 20 Beautiful Men or Release, you’re not only offered our best-seller program, but between yourself and your co-authors, your work will continually be promoted across a variety of platforms.

3. Quality over quantity.

You may have an entire book inside of you, or you may have to stretch your knowledge to complete a hearty book (which can take years). But with 20 Beautiful Women, 20 Beautiful Men or Release, you can share your story, your message of what you’ve learned thus far in life, and publish it quickly to become an author – adding more credibility to your brand.

Submit your story now before it’s too late, or respond back if you were approved.

Other reasons why....

"20 Beautiful Women" was ranked by #2 in, "10 Books That Will Encourage & Inspire Every Woman" by Buzzfeed

"20 Beautiful Women" was reviewed by Forbes Ranked #1 Social Media Influencer and best-selling Author Sean Gardner

and former The Huffington Post contributor:

"20 Beautiful Women" inspired the #20BeautifulWomen  challenge (over a million women participated) and

was featured in HLN's The Daily Share: 

"20 Beautiful Women" is now a global movement and was blog in The Huffington Post:



  Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long will it take for the book to be published?

6- 10 months.

How long will it take for it to hit Kindle best seller?

1 week. But although every Volume has ranked on's best seller list there are no guarantees.

Is this considered a self-published book?

Yes. Although it will be published, printed and put together through Saba Tekle & 7  Publishing, it is still considered a self-published book. Self-publishing simply means you are funding your own book.

Will each author be published individually on all the publishing platforms such as Amazon?

No. Collectively under my name will it be published on those platforms BUT as a merchant authors can sell their book on Amazon and other sites provided.


Can I change anything within the book after it is published?

No. You cannot change or alter the book in any shape or form or publish it yourself.

What do you mean by customized cover?

You will have your name on the front of the book.

Will we be sharing book sales?

No. You will be responsible for your own book sales and you get to keep %100 of your profit.

Are there refunds?

If done within 24- 48 hours after purchase.

Outside of the digital package will there be any extra fees?

No. Only under special circumstances will there be any more fees. By special, this means extra editing or if too many changes are made past deadlines.

What do you mean by digital resale rights?

You get to keep 100% of your eBook sales. You also can offer it free.

Outside of the print package will there be any extra fees?

Yes. There will be a cost per print. When the book is completed the exact price will be given. It will be between $5.00 - $7.00 per book and a minimum of 50 books are required to put in an order. But it is optional.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at or schedule a time to talk.

Tradition VS Self-Publishing

A dialog between Saba Tekle and Dennis Ross, Award-winning Ghostwriter


What is the biggest misconception of traditional publishing?


You will earn more being traditionally published vs. self-published and having your books in bookstores mean you will be selling more books.


You can get a $1 million dollar advance, which would mean they know they can get three to four times as much and after paying that back in book sales, your royalties is 0.8 - 0.12 percent per book. It can range to about $.08 - $1.00.


So they would say, ‘sign with this commercial house and you’ll be in Barnes & Nobles and Hudson News – your face will be everywhere, people will know you’re an author. ... (but we’ll keep all the money).’


Conversely, if you have a great book and you sell that book online and end up selling 5,000 copies, you’ll make more than selling 100,000 copies for the publisher. So you may not be ‘famous’ with these 5,000 copies because you’re not in all the bookstores, but your financial reward will be greater.


Do authors write their own book?


Ghostwriters are usually hired to write the books for the most famous authors. Ghostwriters cost on the low end $10,000, but can also start on the high end of $80,000 - $250,000.


Your book will outlive you, it is your legacy, so how can you put a cost on that.


Who is responsible for marketing the book once it is published?


Whether traditionally published or self-published, authors are solely responsible for selling their books. Now, if an author is already a celebrity or getting a lot of media attention and book sales are soaring, the company that published them may back them. They may book them for one or two things, but ultimately the responsibility is with the author.

So then what is the benefit of being an author?


People launch their careers using a book because it positions them as an expert.


The guy that wrote the book on ‘How to Build Your Own Swimming Pool’ will now be hired to build someone’s pools because he’s the guy that wrote the book on it.


A client of his spent around $80,000 to put together a book, sold 3,500 copies, which doesn’t sound like much but he used it to target a specific market. In turn, his business did $12,000,000 as result of it.

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