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Meet Your Mentor

Saba Tekle is a Publisher, Mentor, Former Huffington Post Contributor and an Award Winning Best-Selling Author. As the founder of 7 House Media, Saba has worked with over 200 best-selling authors worldwide.


She is also the creator, co-author and publisher of best-selling book series, "20 Beautiful Women". This compelling book series and movement inspired the #20beautifulwomen challenge (in which over a million women participated) and was a blog section in The Huffington Post.


Since the release, Saba has received an invitation to deliver a TEDx talk, she has been featured in the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, HLN's The Daily Share, All Africa, D-List Magazine, Afro Newspaper, and The Portland Observer. Also in the Empowerment Issue of Made Magazine, she was ranked Top Ten Millennial Writers of Color alongside New York Times best-selling author, Luvvie Ajayi and Founder of For Harriet, Kimberlyn Foster, to name a few, and with other amazing writers.


Her Story

After spending over $6 thousand and 5 years learning all there was to know about the publishing industry, Saba Tekle, founder of 7 Publishing/7 House Media, decided to start a self-publishing company that not only provided affordable services, but empowered each author.


“Most self-publishing companies are overpriced, take a percentage of royalties, and/or *require a number of books to be purchased. We don’t*. They also fail to mentor authors how to do it themselves. We do.” 


7 Publishing focuses on simplifying the difficult process of self-publishing, while producing traditional and industry-standard projects at about half the cost.


“Just because you’re self-publishing a book, it doesn’t mean it has to look like it.” 

Saba Tekle


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